NYSB Teaching & Equipping Conference

The New York School of the Bible is pleased to invite you to their Teaching and Equipping Conference on Saturday, March 23, 2019, at Calvary Baptist Church. God has blessed NYSB with many special, dedicated, and knowledgeable faculty members, who are making themselves available at this conference - both general sessions and all of our workshops will be conducted by members of the NYSB faculty team. Registration fee: $50; includes two workshops, see descriptions below. CLICK FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION 

First Workshop Seminars: (participants to select one)

1: Leveraging Life Stages for an Authentic Faith in the Next Generation - Presenter: Tanya Velardo

Every phase of a child's life from ages 0-18 has unique challenges and opportunities. If we understand what each phase is all about, we can understand how we can leverage each life stage for the sake of connecting the message of the Gospel. When we seek to understand where each child is at, we can change how every kid sees God, and that could change every kid's future.

2: The Pathway to Holiness - Presenter: Randel Stubbs

Life can be at time fun and enjoyable or filled with sorrow and grief.  Therein lies the pathway to holiness.  We can grow through our troubles and rejoice in the outcome.  We start out alone in the journey to end up as a part of the community.  In this session, we will see our vision for holiness becomes clearer after duress has subsided.

3: The Life & Land of the Prophet Joel:  Lessons from the Locust Plagues - Presenter: Gordon Franz

This seminar will examine the historical, archaeological, agricultural and theological background to the book of Joel in the Bible.  In the first two chapters, Joel is describing at least three locust infestations to Judah and Jerusalem.  This is one of the curses promised by the Mosaic Law for the disobedience of the people of God.  The doctrine of God’s chastening will be discussed (Proverbs 3:11-12; cf. Heb. 12:5-11).

4: The Book of Galatians – Defending the Faith - Presenter: Larry Taylor

The book of Galatians is a polemical work.  Like all of Paul’s letters, this correspondence was prompted by a challenge to the ministry of its author.  So-called Judaizers had infiltrated the congregations in the churches of Galatia, attempting to convert Gentile Christians to Judaism.  These teachers believed that in order to convert a person to be a full-fledged Christian one had to become a Jew.  This doctrine was contrary to the message preached by Paul. This letter is a keen insight into the doctrine of justification by faith and the challenges that first-century evangelists in preaching a Torah free gospel.

5: Presenting the Gospel in Diverse Cultural and Ethnic Contexts - Presenter: Michael Herbert

In this workshop, students will study selected evangelism passages from the books of Acts and John.  Through this hands-on study, we will consider how or if the varying contexts affected the presentation of the gospel.  The seminar will conclude with an analysis of how this information may influence future gospel presentations by students.

6: The Most Destructive Heresies in the Church Today (Part 1 of 2) - Presenter: Daniel Mann

“Christians Must Not Judge”, “Love is Making Nice”, “The Bible is the Word of Man”, “Prosperity Ministry.” Some of these heresies have sneaked into the Church without the awareness of many. If we don’t take them captive, they will take us captive. 

Second Workshop Seminars: (participants to select one)

1: Stop Recruiting and Start Retaining Volunteers and Leaders - Presenter: Tanya Velardo

As a ministry leader who relies on volunteer teams to get the job done each week, you know how difficult it can be to keep all of your volunteer roles filled. Sometimes your ministry can feel like it has a revolving door, simultaneously bringing in new volunteers as current ones leave. The cycle of volunteer recruitment and turnover can be overwhelming, leading to frustration and distracting from the mission. We will look at four strategies designed to provide individuals with volunteering experiences that motivate them to continue volunteering. Warning: You may even see more of your volunteers inviting their friends to join them!

2: Spiritual Sexuality: Touching on the Song of Solomon - Presenter:  Randel Stubbs

Beyond the thread of LGBTIAQ advocacy, is the beauty of heterosexuality.  The gift of heterosexuality from the LORD God to us is vividly explored in the Song of Solomon.  In this session, we will observe what spiritual sexuality can be and look like within the confines of a thriving marriage.

3: Hermeneutics:  How to Study the Bible - Presenter:  Larry Taylor

This seminar is a synopsis of a two-part course.  We will take a cursory look at the various methods used to enhance our Bible study.  This seminar starts with the assumption that God divinely inspires the Bible.  We, therefore, have to take the study of the Bible seriously.  Our approach to the study of the Bible is based on the grammatical, historical, and literary methodologies used by renowned Bible teachers like Howard Hendricks.

4: Growing through Change and Loss as a Leader - Presenter: Michael Herbert

Change and loss is a normal part of the Christian journey but many especially leaders are unprepared to deal with them.  Consequently, the spiritual and emotional development of individuals is hindered by change & loss.  In this session, participants will learn from Scripture how to grow thru change and loss by identifying the motivation for helpful change, the enemies of helpful change, the evidence of helpful change and a three-step process for overcoming loss.

5: The Most Destructive Heresies in the Church Today ( Part 2 of 2): - Presenter:  Daniel Mann​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“Building Self Esteem”,  “Experiencing God/Mysticism”, “Blind Faith/No Certainty”, “Bible is about Spiritual World Only.”  All of these heresies undermine the Word of God and our confidence in it. They create doubts and deprive us of our assurance and confidence in God and His Scriptures. When we are confident about the teachings of the Bible, we will no longer be unstable, blown about by the various teachings that have entered into the Church.


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